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Born, and raised in Toronto Canada, 17-year-old Liv Mannara strives to introduce her indie, yet urban pop, high energy music, and strong vocals to many who are waiting to hear. Without Liv’s unique personality, humour, and style, her originals songs would not be portrayed the same. This 17-year-old girl has worked with few producers but have “blown their minds away” with her exclusive ear, to countless incredible new sounds that soon will be discovered. At the age of 14 Liv recorded her first original song “Perfect Touch” produced by producer Roy Hamilton III, then her second debut single “Free Fallin’” produced by Jovan Jovanov, which opened the doors into Liv finding her specific vibe of music she knew was right for her. She then was given opportunities to showcase her astonishing vocals at the Pan am Games Opening Ceremony in front of an audience of 500 or being chosen individually to perform in front of an audience of 400, at the Taste of the 6ix. Liv is confident, and passionate to release many singles on the way, yet her newest debut original single “Complicated”, for many to listen, and enjoy however, to perceive the message behind it. She is overjoyed, and ecstatic to share her messages, her vibe, and her captivating voice for her supporters to
engage in throughout this 2019-2020 year ahead. Liv is courageous, and fearless, to write about messages that impact her, however for many others that have experienced the same. Liv “can’t wait” to show the world what she has, through her love of music.

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